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Midpro Engineering are able to complete an endless range of repairs, maintenance and various services to your machinery and equipment. With the highly skilled team, and fully equipped workshop, our speciality lies within this domain.

Midpro have access to an exceptionally diverse range of suppliers to suit specialised parts, and if unavailable, Midpro have the skills and ability to reproduce most items at a more than competitive price rate. With our expert range of knowledge, not only within the machining, fitting, fabrication, manufacturing and irrigation domains, we also specialise in hydraulics, pneumatics, and the likes, making no avenue too vast.

The recent addition of the Retail Store has allowed Midpro to complete repairs and services more efficiently, with their huge range and quick access to parts and accessories.

With our qualified and dedicated team, nothing is too big, too small, too old or too new for the team at Midpro. 

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